EUGENIUSZ KUS (Szczecin, Poland)

Prof. Dr. Hab. Eugeniusz Kus, born in Poland, graduated from the Music Academy (University) in Poznań/Poland and afterwards continued skill’s training at the music academies in Warsaw Poland, Haque and Rotterdam/Netherland  and Vienna/Austria. From 1969 until 2005 artistic director of the Szczecin University Choir and since 1984  leading  professional chamber choir and orchestra “Camerata Nova”. These ensembles conducted by him performed at the festivals and concerts in most European countries as well as in USA, China and Brasil (about two thousand concerts) . With his group and as  the guest conductor he performed many of the most significant  vocal- instrumental and instrumantal works;   from passions and masses by J.S,Bach till the contemporary music. He has frequently been invited to participate in workshops and international juries at the choir , compositions and vocal contests in Poland, Italy, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, China, Hong Kong and Korea.  For many years  he worked  as a director of the bigest Szczecin Culture Centre in the Pomeranian Princes Castle in Szczecin. He initiates and organises many festivals, workshops and concerts. At presents he works as a director of chamber choir and orchestra “Camerata Nova”, artistic director of a well know Polish music festivals in Kamien Pomorski and Szczecin ( International Organ and Chamber Music Festivals ) director of the International Choir Festival in Szczecin. For many years he has been teaching choir and orchestra conducting, and currently is still a Professor of the Academy of Art in Szczecin. For his artistic achievements he was repeatedly honoured  with Szczecin City Council awards  and he was  also decorated with the Orders of Merit by both the Polish and German Presidents.