Sebastjan Vrhovnik

SEBASTJAN VRHOVNIK (Slovenia)Sebastjan Vrhovnik

Sebastjan Vrhovnik graduated from the Academy of Music (department of Music Pedagogy) under Marko Vatovec and received his master’s degree at the University of Music and Performing arts in the Austrian city of Graz, studying choral conducting with Johannes Prinz. Since the autumn of 2013, he is an assistant professor of choral conducting and Head of the Conducting Department at the Academy of Music Ljubljana and running different choral workshops home and abroad. Currently, he is the choirmaster of the Mixed Choir of the Academy of Music, the Mixed Choir Obala Koper and since September 2015 DEKOR chamber choir. As a guest conductor, he has collaborated with the Chamber Choir of RTV Slovenia, the choir of the Maribor Opera House, Slovenian Philharmonic Choir, the female vocal group ČarniCe and numerous other amateur choirs: Tone Tomšič Academic choir, Cantemus Mixed Choir from Kamnik, with which he achieved great success in national and international competitions (Maribor, Slovenia, in 2001, 2003, and 2006; Spittal, Austria, in 2005; Mernes, Germany, in 2006) and released a CD called Most (“Bridge”). With all these choirs he was affirmed at concerts in Slovenia and abroad as well as at national and international competitions, which has received numerous special recognitions. Sebastjan Vrhovnik’s performances with choirs are characterized by his excellent knowledge of the voice and his exceptional musicality; his interpretations show a soft and unified sound; his repertoire choices have brought a wave of fresh air and new professional challenges into the Slovene territory.