Saturday 11th June Seghizzi Association has organized the press conference to present Seghizzi musical events, that will take place in Gorizia from 18th to 25th July. These are the initiatives: 55th International Choral Singing Competition, 47th Musical Conference, 28th Grand prix, 17th Composition Trophy, 14th International Competition of Choral Composition, 14th “Seghizzinregione” Festival, 12th International prize “A life for choral conducting”, 9th Trophy of the Nations, 3rd Prize “Poetry in Music”.

Seghizzi Choral singing competition is the most important and historical event. This is the list of participant choirs:

Belarusian Song (Minsk, Belarus)
Conductor Irina Hramovich

Mixed Choir Huik! (Tallinn, Estonia)
Conductor Kaspar Mänd

E Stuudio Youth Choir (Tartu, Estonia)
Conductor Külli Lokko

Métaphores Female Choir (Grenoble, France)
Conductor Maud Hamon-Loisance

Oxymore Male Choir (Grenoble, France)
Conductor Maud Hamon-Loisance

Libero Coro Bonamici (Pisa, Italy)
Conductor Ilaria Bellucci

Gruppo Vocale Giovanile Anakrousis (Trieste, Italy)
Conductor Jari Jarc

Mixed Choir Anima (Riga, Latvia)
Conductor Ivars Krauze

Mixed Voice Choir Leliumai (Kaunas, Lithuania)
Conductor Dainius Druskis

Children’s Choir Ugnelė (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Conductor Valerija Skapienė

Wytwornia Jazz Choir (Lodz, Poland)
Conductor Maciej Salski

Dysonans Chamber Choir (Poznan, Poland)
Conductor Magdalena Wdowicka-Mackiewicz

Oscars Ungdomskör (Stoccolma, Sweden)
Conductor Pär Olofsson

Lautitia Choir (Debrecen, Hungary)
Conductor József Nemes

Gizella Nõikar Veszprèm (Veszprèm, Hungary)
Conductor Gabriella Borbásné Gazdag

The choirs will be judged for their performances by 10 jury members:


Li Yang (Cina)
Hae Ock Eunice Kim Bang (South Korea)
Fabrizio Barchi (Italy)
Luca Scaccabarozzi (Italy)
Budi Susanto Yohanes (Indonesia)
Geert-Jan Van Beijeren Bergen (The Netherlands)
Eugeniusz Kus (Poland)
Božidar Crnjanski (Serbia)
Sebastjan Vrhovnik (Slovenia)
Francisco Josè Herrero Cabrera (Spain)
For the 28th Grand Prix Seghizzi the jury will be presided by Marko Munih (Slovenia).


The jury of the Composition competition  is:

Michele josia (Italy)
Sebastjan Vrhovnik (Slovenia)
Budi Susanto Yohanes (Indonesia)
Pietro Ferrario (Italy)


The Choral Singing Competition will be held at the “Verdi  Theatre” in Gorizia (free entrance).

Another important event is 14th “Seghizzinregione” festival, that this year will reach different locations of Friuli Venezia  Giulia region with 15 concerts: Gradisca d’Isonzo (GO), Grado (GO), Gorizia, Monfalcone (GO), Villesse (GO), Campolongo-Tapogliano (UD), Cervignano (UD), Chiopris-Viscone (UD), Coseano (UD), Fiumicello (UD), Palmanova (UD), Tolmezzo (UD), Spilimbergo (PN).

The organization of  the musical events is possible thanks to all the volunteers that every year join Seghizzi association in Gorizia to cooperate realizing an important cultural, musical, human international competition.