SEGHIZZInews November 2018

novembre 2018

1. Luigi Cherubini’s Requiem in C minor (2nd November 2018) –
2. André Waignein’s Missa solemnis for soprano, choirs and orchestra (4th November 2018): –
3. Choral and solo voice Concert (9th November 2018); –
4. Basic photography classes (from 13th November onwards); –
5. Tavolata musicale for the 98th Anniversary of the Seghizzi Association (18th November 2018) –
6. Please note that the collective exhibition of works by female artists showcasing at “Incontri al femminile” is open until the end of November –
7. Last but not least, the regulations of the 2019 Seghizzi international competitions (choral, solo voice and composition) are already available on our Home page


SEGHIZZInews novembre 2018