MARKO MUNIH (Slovenia)


President of 55° International Choral Singing Competition 2016

Marko Munih developed his artistic career in the choral and orchestral field. Thanks to his experience with two important Slovenian ensembles (APZ Academic Choir and RTV Slovenia Chamber Choir) he has had the opportunity to make himself known as producer of foreign instrumental and vocal music. In 1960 he won the “Prešeren”, one of the most important Slovenian prizes, because he conducted Beethoveen’s seventh symphony. In 1963, after the diploma, he continued his studies in Frankfurt for one year. From 1965 to 1975 he was the art director and the conductor of the “Academic Choir Tone Tomsic”, receiving prizes in Europe, Canada and USA, obtaining, also, the “Prešeren” prize in 1969. From 1971 to 1979 he was art director and conductor of the “RTV Slovenia Chamber Choir”. In 1983 he obtained the “Bettetto” prize for his creative work and in 1985 he received, with the Slovenian Philarmonic Orchestra, his second “Prešeren” prize. Currently he is Artistic Director of the International Competition of Choral Music “Seghizzi” of Gorizia. Still in the “Seghizzi” has often been a jury member of the competition of choral and solo singing.